Thursday, September 15, 2005

Make it happen

Double it takes when your words two times running from your action where every seconds your hearts pounding like a valcano waiting to explode. The passionate to be in the taxation was a gift as I could see myself 20 years from now sitting in the room where it is only occupied for "some" senior staff. (tak salah kan berangan)

But only when I find the real exposure of being in the corporate world, make me realize that obsessive is not enough to count your dedication towards the job. Energy and commitment are those important aspects that counts your goals towards your life. At this point, promise is not a mere promise, but promise is incredible that I must treasure to find the real motivation – "make it happen".


Hunting to get a place to live in is easier but hunting to get a dream house to live in is harder. As you know, at first we are already agreed to buy a house in Melawati and we already paid for the legal process, but after the deepest thought, we rather lose that amount of money instead of putting ourself into the next 30 years paying for the house.
We are eyeing on several options mostly double story link house in Klang Valley but at the end we understand money is the biggest issue that we couldn’t bear off. Even though parents are behind us to help with the financial but we want it to be our very own meaningful asset.
Alas, we decided to buy a small condo located quite a distance from our office to end our house hunting for a momment. Enough to charter our family for the next 10 years, insyaAllah. And now, I am looking forward to interior design and to "make it happen", I need more money to pump into my bank account. I really hope its satisfy my desire when our house is completed at the end of next year. Abang, allow me to waste my money on it because that will make me soooooo happy. Im sure you love to see my smiling face kann :p and I would be more appreciate if you be part of it :).


Last but not least, i want a baby.. sooooo "make it happen"

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