Friday, September 16, 2005

entry yang dah lame

I've been keeping this entry too long and its not worth to delete it as it can be a diary on my first few days in EY. Actually, i write almost everyday but since we dont have internet connection, so, i just deleted when i feel it is already oudated. Although once in a while i simply log in to blogger but lately hubby seems very strict on it.. (note:if im connected at nite, it means i tapped the connection :p) Ok, do enjoy this entry..



I do admit that I am too excited talking about my new job, perhaps it is a job of a lifetime. Having a degree in IT, I never thought that i will become a tax people one day. So, my first day in EY is scheduled as I expected. As you can see in Dearie’s last entry, it showed how I was quite nervous yet happy.

Only during the registration process, I realized that I am one of 15 new employees, of course my first glanced at the list, I searched for a malay’s name. Well to me, when you have the same races around you, it will be easier and more secured. Before I waited for the girls to walk in the room, I talked to this guy and apparently he was in the same situation as mine, having a non-related degree and jumped into tax line. Yeah, strike 1 - I am not alone.

The orientation started with a short briefing from the HR exec basically the instruction to fill in the employment form, medical checkup and etc. Then, she told us that we need to attend two days orientation mainly to help us to familiarize with the working environment.

The information given are very useful to us but of course at one point I was feeling drowsy, yeah too much info - Strike 2. But it changed when the presenter highlights on the promotion, salary and benefits, that’s where I proved that I have two spotlight eyes.

Out of 15, only 5 of us under the tax line and luckily one of them are in the same department as mine. We chatted and chatted and I found out she is my lecturer's niece back in UTP (Mrs. Satirenjit), what a smalllll world!!

On the second day, the orientation emphasized more on the paperless system, how to use our lotus notes, filling the timesheet, leave and etc. Well, actually I had used Lotus Notes before during my intern even I developed a system using the domino designer. BUT guess what, I looked soo dumb in the class, asking a lot of questions as if I do not know computer at all. It was all started because the notebook given to me having some technical problem and I was left behind for the lesson. Ish ish ish..

By the way, I was the only one who has this title – Mrs. Some of them gets shocked because they said I am too young to get married. Its fine with me especially when the mentioned – I look young. Hehe. There was a conversation between me and this girl where she gave an unintentional expression about married woman without realizing that she was talking to a married woman, hehe. I just listened to her but at the end of it, I told her my status, and it was soooo funny to see her blushing and of course she did apologized.

I did my medical checked up yesterday, and official result for my new weight, increased 5 kg since I get married but decreased 3 kg since I last checked. Hmm still not good.

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