Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yeah!! My cousin is getting married!!

She may not reading this blog and not even know that im having a space in cyberworld to express my inner thought, but good news is worth to share!! Yeah, a cousin of mine, Intan is getting married this coming December. Ani, intan soksek dulu tu!!

Wo wo wo, shes younger than me, same age with Saffuan, im so excited because she is the next person after me who is getting married. Tak sabar nak tolong die for preparation, and my mum too is excited hearing this shocking news!! Boleh bukak a new club. She came over to my house yesterday and we were chit chatting like hell!! How i missed my gossipping.. keh keh keh..


Eh betul ke Mencari Cinta dah habis?? Semalam tak sempat nak catch up , tak tahu pulak dah final episode. Ade orang yang tengok? Can u update for me?? Malaysian Idol - haha Adam terkeluar. My sis told me, i missed the result show. Ntah laa mira rase Adam tu tak sesuai nak jadik Malaysian Idol, to be honest, i cant see any contestant who has a good voice quality + star value like Jac. Rase macam Malaysian Idol 2 ni banyak hambar die.


Tok Ndak Mira dekat Ipoh meninggal dunia Ahad lepas. Mira tak sempat nak ke sana sebab mase weekend mira ade dekat Melaka. Kalau balik Taiping atau gerik, my family never failed to pay a visit there. Mama told me, tok ndak cakap die nak sangat tengok kenduri mira tapi tak boleh nak pergi sebab tak sihat. Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat. Alfatihah..


Tomorrow is my last day as unemployed graduate. Keh keh keh, im sure i will miss my day cooking for hubby's lunch, watching TV and tidur balik lepas Dearie pi keje!! Im excited but nervous at the same time because i do not know what to expect. Anyway, here i come..


We bought Mawi's CD hahah. Dearie & Me were giggling all the way towards the cashier, rase macam kelakar pulak as if we are too fanatic with Mawi. Dearie tak habis-habis cakap "Mira mira tutup CD tu nanti orang nampak lak kite beli Mawi". Are we fanatic?? Actually we even want to buy a cassette but SOLD OUT!! Hehe.. Mawi mawi..


Malam ni ade kenduri kawin, but right after kenduri kawin, hubby, me, jiji and mimi are heading to klcc :p Not to celebrate Merdeka but accompany my hubby to snap pictures in order to particpate in MERDEKA photography contest.

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