Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It is not funny telling everyone that i have gain my weight, but for me, nothing should be ashamed even though it is one of my worst nightmare!! Quite simply, I put on weight after getting married. Tremendously increased! I just checked my BMI and this is the result..

You have a Body Mass Index of ***

This suggests you are slightly overweight.

You may be a risk for health problems including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

O-oh! I know we should reduce our intake of sugar and salt because they can cause tooth decay, weight problems, high cholestorol and can clog up the arteies. But.. macam susah je. Imagine, whenever I said im craving for something, hubby will cook or buying the food for me. Sometimes it is already middle of the night but still he will do it for me. Oh, my hubby can cook!! Spoilt kan :p

But, after seeing my weight is 6-8kg increased, this is the time for me to change my eating habit. 6-8 kg banyak gile tau tak, especially when i just stay at home and doing nothing. So for the beginning, i must discipline myself to drink at least 1000ml per day and swimming! Dah nak dekat sebulan setengah dah tak swimming. ish ish ish..

By the way, for your info, my tummy is only consists of FAT, so nothing to do with it :) I know you can understand what i mean.. Hari ni saje ubah lagu, i know this song is already outdated but i love it!! and Hari ni dalam sejarah, 2 August, if i still working at S**M***D college, so today it marks my first year working with them and my contact ends today.. Haha. Kejap kan setahun.. Im looking forward for the next 2nd August.. apa jadi kat mira erk

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