Friday, August 19, 2005

off to PENANG!!

My last entry dated 17 august, and i WAS planning to post an entry especially dedicated to my bro for his birthday, but unfortunately something came across and my mind and deleted all my plan!! Ish ish ish..

Anyway, happy belated birthday to Saffuan - Wan Ahmad Saffuan Wan Mohd Salleh, "beliau merupakan anak yang kedua dari 7 adik bearadik, berasal dari kuala lumpur, berusia 22 tahun" - (note:sila bace macam gaye Aznil introduce pelajar AF.. hehe)

Saffuan saffuan.. we used to have alot of fight during our childhood days and i still remember the last time he punched me when i was 14 years old. Usually it happened because i loved to blab (even until now) and as usual guys cant stand it and finally used violence against "woman".. ish ish ish

We had a lot of stupid games that i can still recall especially he "helped" me to loose my weight. I admit, my "ketembaman" terserlah since i was young and people love to make fun of me. So, one day, i had this wild idea to reduce my weight but i need someone to help me and of course saffuan is the best person. So, i stand behind the "closet door" and asked saffuan to push me hoping that i can shrink immediately!! Among the conversation that i can remember

"Kak long dah kurus ke"
"Belum lagi, tolak kuat-kuat sikit"

Hehe. Heloo, that time i was just 6 years old, but at least i have the idea rite??.. Anyway, even though both of us have different personalities but we can talk until azan subuh. Tak kire lah topik ape pun but of course once in a while, like many others, the arguments is still there.

Satu bende yang best pasal saffuan, die tak kisah bawak adik-adik die pi jejalan, tapi adik yang kecik-kecik laa. TAPI kalau nak jalan ngan kakak die, adik bawah die, HAREMMMMM die nak buat.. Kalau jalan pun, satu utara satu selatan..

Anyway, Happy birthday, i know u r reading this, tapi buat buat bodo :p Happy Birthday, like i said in the sms, panjang umur murah rezeki and ingat tuhan.

p/s Lepas ni nak pi Penang, now waiting for hubby. dia ade kelas, not a second honeymoon, but attending hubby's friend wedding. Tapi sambil menyelam minum air gak kan :p

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