Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Minggu yang sangat penat

I never knew that life has change tremendously after getting married. Honestly, you have to balance up your life even though you really want it. Marriage has changed the old Amira, no more - "alaa, lain kali boleh buat". Now, i am more focused in planning my future life.

As you all know, the main reason why i joined the three month conversion program under MICPA is because I am aware of the value of this qualification and the broad prospect of business advisory skills it'll give. I want to learn from a different dimension where i am able to learn the business areas. InsyaAllah, i can help hubby in his business.

But, as times goes by, i realised that auditing is far beyond my capability as a wife. It is not impossible for a woman to have a career and at the same time successfully provide for her family, but to me, auditing will limit our quality time with our own family. You know, im thinking IF i have a child one fine day, would i be a great mom that my child can see me as her/his idol. I understand that in auditing, the first three years is hell but after that your sky is your limit, but honestly i cant exchange it with what i have now.

But, i am very interested to be in this line, so then, i applied to be a tax consultant since becoming an auditor is not an option. A few of my friends told me "rugilaa mira" but for me, buat laa keje ape pun, kalau kite rajin, memang boleh berjaya. Of course i was puzzled and worried if im not in the right path. So yesterday, i went to MIT to ask everything that makes me headache. And i really satisfied with the answer. Yang mira tak berape sure lagi, how is the work culture.. All i know is, it is not as bad as auditing!!

On a different occasion, we just settled our housing loan and now we are just waiting for the loan approval. Guys, if you want to buy a property, you can always come and ask me since i have "some" experienced to share especially in selecting which Home loan you are going to use. :) Anyway, talking about our house, it is located in Taman Melawati Phase 6, sape-sape nak sewa rumah, silakan laa yer.. Tak pun, i hope you can spread out the words.. Thanks Setakat ni, kiterang tak advertise lagi. Oh, we are not planning to move there, we are more comfortable to live in Taman Desa since it is nearer to our office.. Ok, babai

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