Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mencari Cinta

Reality TV has developed along with the medium and has changed as the nation changed. It has amused, surprised, and mortified millions of viewers through the years. The changes in program content reflect the changing times, what viewers want to know about the participants as well as what participants allow to be known about them has increased over the years.

In Malaysia, I guess it starts with Akademi Fantasia (tell me if it is wrong), and as usual the first appearance will always turn out to be more favorable even though now we have Malaysian Idol, Mentor, Audition, Victor Challenge, Explorace, Rexona No Sweat Challenge, AspirasiKu, Bersamamu and the latest reality show Mencari Cinta (ade lagi ke?), but as you can see, Mawi is still talks of the town. Heheh

Most of the reality Tv program has some similarity whereby it highlights on the participants talent but except for Mencari Cinta, it concentrates on love and passion. Mencari Cinta which aired on TV3 every Tuesday creates a new atmosphere for a reality show (im talking on behalf of Malaysia). Basically the show is about 9 male contestants (above 30 I guess - ujie fave age :p) trying to win a girl heart, not only a girl but her family too.

Most of us have banned the series as it is not suitable for our Malay culture but that doesn't stop me to be hooked on tv watching the show for an hour. Even my mum once told me "I cant believe my daughter watching the show" Oh, my mum really really hate the show even though last time she watched Average Joe with me.

I admit at one point this program is rubbish - is it too harsh :) even though we can see all the contestants really put an effort to entitle "the best man win". I understand, to them it is not about the game, it is about the love that one's can get at the end of the day.

Culture issues have been seriously debated from the viewers day by day, which definitely will raise the statistic of the show. And as far as I can see, her family plays a big role in determine which guy should be with Elly, and most of the times, the elimination result basically is based on her family valuation and this make me so sucked up with her decision!!

To me, reality program should instead be helping spread moral values, and honestly I cant see any in this program. Copying an idea from the westerners is fine, but the application must be suitable for the local situation. A girl entertaining 9 guys at one time will definitely bring defamation to her and her family. People will start comparing your attitudes and your looks and no doubt the viewers will talk about your family.

Although she told the reporters she is ready to face any feedback from the audience but hurting your family is hurting yourself to the bone! What do you think about this program??

Read this - if you are interested. The first person to be eliminated "online diary"

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