Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I have understood English for ages but as you can see it isn't very good yet. I used to be very unconfident when it comes to speak English even though I read a big pile of books written in English without any problems.

I have put a lot of effort in improving my English especially in writing, because to me, from writing, it portrays how my performance in English. Therefore, one of my self-improvement is writing some of my blog entries in English even though Im sure theres a lot of grammatical and spelling error. But who cares rite?

A few people care. That is the fact, this people I might say humiliating "US" who writes in English as if we are not recognizing our Malay language. Come on, you are sooo lucky, staying abroad and surrounded with the mat saleh, of course English is your medium and no doubt in one year you can speak fluently plus with the accent. I am not jealous, but somehow you should give more respect and put yourself in our shoes. End of story.

By the way, in my opinion, the best way to improve our English is watching tv without reading the subtitle. I have been doing this for a quite sometimes, but when I watch CSI, I really need the subtitle sebab memang mira mengaku mira susah nak paham. Hehe. In conclusion, (ade conclusion pulak :D) its worth to develop you English skills as a large part of the written material in the world is in English, so I supppose that it’s bound to be helpful at some point.

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