Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bird Park Contest

Although its a bit late for this entry, but i feel it is a waste not to share this good news. Before that, Mawi is the champ, well, enough said, everyone knows he is going to win. And since that, every day we have been forced to read about his winning as the headlines of the papers. And today, in Harian Metro, his fiancee also become one of the most wanted person to increase the sales of the newspaper. Read this..

But AF has create a history for me as the program has bring my family and hubby's friends gathered at my house watching the show. Why it is a history? The first time ever, i have to entertain them all by myself especially serving the food!! Before this, i just outsourced it to mama or to my maid. Hehe. Tak pun, i only prepared for one or two dishes than makcik or mama will complete the rest. Anyway, i enjoyed it even though tak sedap mane pun but at least i know what to expect next. Kan samah kan!! :D

Back to the story, my hubby has been announced as one of the winner in the Bird Park Contest last Saturday. At first, he was so frustrated because he just won the consolation prize but after looking at other pictures, then only he proud of himself. Plus, this is his first experience. Mira pun tumpang bangge, you know my hubby loves camera and he put a lot of efforts to capture the best picture of the birds!!

This is the pic..

Mase prize giving ceremony

At first we tot this enggang picture is going to win, i really loves this pic, sekali gambar lain pulak menang. Each of the participant is allowed to send 10 pictures. Ade exhibition dekat kl Bird Park, so this is the only pic besides the winning pic from Dearie in the exhibition.

Dearie with one of the judges, he said hubby's pic has a fine art. He said, if only the pic has a good composition..

Me, with Dearie pic. Tapi gambar burung ni bile print jadi gelap sikit..

With the 1st prize winner under the professional category.. Lawa kan gambar die

Ok, ni die orang yang menang Amateur & Professional.

Mira pulak excited, sebab Dearie pun dah syiokkk ngan contest-contest ni..:p

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