Sunday, July 31, 2005

What went wrong??

Im back from a long hiatus, am not going anywhere, need some space to console myself *sigh.. Anyway, Malaysia headlines's becomes more interesting day by day..

a)Macam mana orang boleh tersesat begitu jauh sehingga berani menegakkan benang yang basah? Macam mana orang boleh mempertahankan perkara yang terang-terangan melanggar ajaran Islam terutamanya.

Semalam sewaktu menonton Edisi Siasat, I was very very surprised, I repeat, very very surprised to watch an old lady wearing a tudung told the reporters..

"Makcik dah gerenti masuk syurga, yelah rasul cakap macam tu, kalau rasul dah cakap mestilah betul" Nauzubilllah. Dan seorang lelaki tua yang menggelarkan diri die sebagai rasul "Ada diturunkan ayat Quran yang membenarkan seseorang tu menjadi rasul".. Betapa sesat nya mereka.

The question is what we are going to do? What is our action? What went wrong with our education because some of the followers is coming from educated background. Doa memang doa, tapi kite mestilah bergerak jugak, but how?

b) I never write about Akademi Fantasia 3, yeah but now i will. Before im going too far, i am not fanatic about AF but i do admit i am a big fan of AF. All the contestants are one step ahead before getting the result although we can absolutely guess who is the winner. The standard in AF3 is too high compared to the previous AF which is good for the industry. But above all, i couldnt accept when the audinece gets too carried away with their emotion. Why you have to waste your tears? and your RM? Our music industry is too small where you can even knocked their door and asked for their signature without any fear. Kalau kat Melawati ni, sampai dah tak terlarat dah tengok artis-artis ni. So, again, dont be too pathetic.. please..

c) This is not the headlines but today is a special day for my sister, Wan Nur Azira who is celebrating her 19th Birthday today. If you are reading this, sorry dear, this year i could nt afford to buy you any present but i always pray the best for you.

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