Wednesday, July 20, 2005



a) A good report on the AP's. Ok, it becomes a hot topic these days especially with the argument between our Tun and from the Ministry itself and yesterday Dato' Seri did the press conference witnessed by the Holy Quran and the highlights was Dato Seri had burst into tears. I WONDER if it will close the case?

b) Malaysian attitude. Ok, we are very well known as "look and see" but Arwah Mohd noor Afifi Mohd Rosli against our habitual. Without a second thought, he went to help the drivers of two cars that had collided head-on just before dawn. But another car rammed into his car and killed arwah instantly. Al-Fatihah

c) Sepet sweeps 6 awards in festival film. Kudos to Yasmin Ahmad for her storyline that beat the favorite - Puteri Gunung Ledang. Like McD ads, parapappapa - Im Loving it. I dont know what is interesting in PGL? Apart from facing censorship problem, theres a lot of debate on inter-racial relationship, but anyway Sepet has proved that a good script doesnt neccessary has to include Erra, Hans or yusry. I WONDER why the box office film goes to Gangster (RM2.3M) rather than PGL? Does anyone knows the collection of PGL?

d) Berita Harian - Pelajar IPT banyak ceroboh laman web. Hahaha, no doubt as we are very well educated in this hacking thingy. In overseas they do hired people to hack the system but I WONDER if they practise it in Malaysia? Oh, FYI, Malaysia is the 2nd country in Asia Pacific behind Singapore to lead on internet users. So, I expect we have a lot of experts out there.

e) Lastly, I WONDER how did the winner create the best slogan to win a car? Any tactics? Help! FYI, since im not working so i spend most of the time to participate in the contests. Hehe, my UTPIAN friends knows better.. kan kan

f) Oh, last last. I WONDER, when will I meet my friends again? Chit chatting, gossiping, at least GIRLS day out I know my hubby will read this. Abang if they plan, allow me abang :p. and I WONDER, when will Usamah collect my wedding card and bunga telur. Hahaha

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