Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dalam Dilema

Pernah dengar tak lagu KRU dulu, it was approximately 8 years back? Well, basically i am in dilemma, again to decide which path should i go. Right now, I have to decide either PTD or Taxation even though i have less chance to be in PTD. Actually, i need to make a confirmation with this company, they already know my situation. Well, PTD suits my commitment as a wife but on the other hand Taxation is my desire and determination. I'm sure with this confident that I have, taxation will give me a BIG smile one day.

Not did they (parents, parents in law, and hubby) forced me to become a PTD officer but this position will give me more space to be with my family (err.. i mean Dearie). Lecturer? Yes, i do love lecturing, but i dont have ANY interest to pursue my master. So, with my degree qualification, i cant make more money.

The issue here is, does money influence my decision, the answer is YES. I believe from the salary that you earn, it shows your commitment and loyaly and also satisfaction!

But after all, my chances to become a PTD officer hmmphh macam dah tak de, but i just hope jangan jadi "yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran", since this offer comes from a BIG company.

Let me tell you something, IF i ve been accepted to be in this company, i can start working immediately BUT the thing is, on 29 July the PTD result will be announced. Let say, IF i pass the interview (takkan nyer) it is not a good impression for me to resign. Tak sampai sebulan kerje dah nak resign. Plus, the HR manager whom employ me is so kind and friendly. Tak sampai hati pulak..

Istikharah? Yerp, im working on it but im still puzzled for the decision. Hmm.. jadi housewife jugak yang best, tak payah fikir, nak duit mintak kat Dearie, tapi tak best sebab kene catu :D

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