Friday, June 24, 2005

PTD Interview

I just came back from Putrajaya for the PTD interview, my greatest fear of interview ever. Even though it is not a stress interview, but im carrying too much hopes - parents, parents in law and my hubby. They really want me to serve the government rather than serve the private sector. As for me, thinking about my commitment, of course i am interested to be part of the government. Alhamdulillah, i am lucky to pass until the third stage - the final stage.

Interview held early this morning, i woke up at 5am to prepare myself and my hubby. The journey from Kemensah to Putrajaya took about 45 minutes, no hassle, dint stop at any traffic light - what a wonderful trip but i was too too nervous.

We arrived there at 7.15 am and i was the first candidate to register, lucky number one!! At 8am sharp, the interview started, and of course as the first candidate to enter the room, orang pandang kite macam nak telan!! Three interviewers awaits me, and two of them if i was not mistaken hold a Datuk position.

As usual it would start with introduction of myself, after that IT WAS A DISASTER!!! Hello, i did prepare but a lot of questions I DID NOT KNOW THE EXACT ANSWER.. Screwed me!!

Dasar kerajaan, i mentioned about Rancangan Malaysia Ke 7, and of course it is wrong, and One of the interviewers helped me to get the point. Although i do managed to elaborate all the Dasar but totally it was not a good impression. And the worst part was, i dont even know where is the JPA building. Lagi best, i havent renew my IC yet, so im giving them a chance to question the-stupid-mira. Ish ish ish.

Ok, i think that is the end of my PTD session, hoping that i can get through the next interview session. Imagine, how am i going to compete when there are 1300 candidates to occupy only 300 vacancies. Kalau dapat rezeki.

I always believe when there is a bad news, there will always be a good news. I pass the 3 months MICPA conversion program. Pass pun good news? To me, it means more than that. During the exam week, i was too bz with my wedding preparation and i only did my revision the day before the exam. Besides, for us (MICPA students) if you fail one paper, meaning that you fail the course. Although i dint pass with flying colors but it gives me a chance to look up for my career prospect.

Ok, right now i am more interested with EY, and Dearie already give his consent for me to work there. Lagipun dekat EY mira dapat under Tax division. hehe I love TAX.. :p and they will place me under the PERSONAL TAX division, insyaAllah. Ok laa banyak sangat update..

Baba said i have two good news today, "Satu pass MICPA, lagi satu baba balik hospital" Cant wait to meet Baba at home..

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