Thursday, June 16, 2005

Me as a housewife

Honestly, i never potray myself as a housewife, what was in my plan, get a degree and earn MONEY. Still remember before we get married, Dearie preferred me to be a housewife rather than working from 8-5 and as the result, mira tarik muke masam. But, time has change.. I already hold this position for nearly one month, and although some people may thought it is still my honeymoon time but i do enjoyed it.

Theres so many duties performed by housewife and it is hard to list them all and things get even more busier if the kids are around. As for me, even though sometimes i felt bored staying alone in the house DOING NOTHING, but it is satisfied to see every single thing in my house is managed by me. It is interesting when Dearie need to ask "where did you put this and this" everyday. HEHE. bak kate die "Hai, susah jugak bile management dah tukar"..

Thinking about my career, yerp, memang mira akan kerje but for the time being, i would rather stay at home and spend Dearie's RM. Of cos i wont let my 16 years of studying terbang melayang-layang.

On 24th June, i will sit for PTD interview in Putrajaya at 8.00 am sharp. This is the only position that I really really want honestly. Kalau orang Deloitte, PWC ngan EY nampak mira tulis macam ni, HABIS.. hahaha.. Doakan mira yer..

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