Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Alhamdulillah, Baba's surgery has went successfully. Seriously, each and every minute of waiting is like killing me softly. Samah and Sharmeen, its too long to describe my dad's diseases, but it something got to do with gallbladder.

Although Baba is not 100% recovered yet, but seeing him out of the OT room with a smiling face (even though he couldnt talk) is enough to make us happy. Mama just called and told me Baba didnt sleep last night, and so did Saffuan and Mama. Kesian Baba, i know the pain is still there.

Even though Baba dint manage to talk, he still can write (but its so difficult to understand his handwriting :) and he requests for "NO TV, NO budak kecik around, RIOH". So sekarang bilik tu macam dilanda garuda, jarum jatuh pun boleh dengar :). Orait, hubby nak pi office.. Guess what, today is exactly one month after THE DAY, cepatkan :).. ok See ya

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