Friday, May 13, 2005

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My wedding card

Dearie wedding card

Alhamdulillah, finally i completed all my papers although 2 of the papers i considered as TOUGH. One obstacle is over, but is that satisfactory? No, especially i dint study that hard to sit for this exam. But no matter how the result looks like, Dearie always mentioned that he dint encourage me to move on in this field. Hmm, but still i did went for the job interview, who knows my rezeki is in the big four right??

A question raised by Ani was very very interesting, she asked me whether im interested or not in accounting, and to be honest, yes I am. Thinking about the future commitment on my shoulder, i dont think a career as an auditor is suitable even though the RM is very very interesting especially when a Bumiputera student taking MICPA.

People who already in accounting line might think that i just wasting my opportunity of the lifetime as others need to struggle to be in the big four, but sometimes we have to be realistic. Someone near to me do need my attention :) -- you know who i mean. Luckily, my Dearie give me a maximum of three months to work as an auditor, at least i gain some experience from the professional. If not, he would listen to my disappointment the rest of his life. hehhe. But anyway, we only can start work in the middle of July, and this will be a chance for me to experiece the housewife titile. :D. Ok, nothing much to write.. Daa..

Announcement: Sharmeen, Nad, Ujie, Nolee, Hana, Ani and sape2, kalau free boleth tak datang hari Selase ni kat rumah Mira... hehe

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