Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Relatives and Me

Relatives are the person who will potray who we are, the roots on where we came from. Different individual has their own perception to value his or her relatives. Some may just define relatives as only fulfilling the hierarchy of the century but to me, having a relatives is refering to preference of being belonginess to each other company.

In my family, we really do value relatives, and although its already 3-4 pupu but we still called sedare. Teh Azreen and Teh Zawani its the third cousin of mine but we are quite closed to each other and during the family occasion we would rather to be with our family rather than hanging around with friends.

But above all, i do admit that Age factor plays an important part on how we value our relatives. I remembered during my grown ups i was quite a lazy-bum to follow my parents to attend any kenduri. Perhaps i was afraid to confront my cousins who are very very stylish and modern looking while i was just wearing a tudung (which sometimes did not match). Jerky right??

As im getting older and nearer to the DAY, i felt stupid for that kind of reason. Now only i know, why mama always forced me to visit relatives as they are the person who will give a helping hand to help us, calling you from now and then to ensure that we are well prepared for the DAY. And at the certain point, they become offended if we do not accept their offer and will be completely unable to comprehend why we have not invited them to take part.

For first cousin of mine, Ani, there's no doubt we are too close to each other. Oh, she is sewing my tudung for the akad nikah, and i owe you that dear and i really looking forward on your day too. :)

Aunties and uncles, thank you for letting me to voice out what i want and also getting me the stuff that i want. Hehe, i know im such a spoilt niece but what to do, since i am your first niece to be on dias. :p. Without them, i dont know how to release our burden in organizing such a big event especially when we talk about RM.

Moral of the story: Appreciate your relatives and at least SALAM them when they are visiting to your house..

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