Tuesday, May 10, 2005

2 paper dah lepas

2 paper dah lepas,law n tax.. lega rase bile law dah lepas, 3 more to go.. sooo tired, have a lot to do this week since the DAY is nearer, and im totally exhausted!! Exam makes it even worst!! Oh and guess, people keep asking, hows the preparation instead of "mira tak letih ke??" hehe..

Anyway, im getting really close to my parents, even Baba giving extra care on me, hehe.. Yesterday he was with me while i was study until 3 am. Amazing rite :) and today he said "I want you to reimburseme me, at least pay a trip to UK" hahah, i know the cost is quite burden not only for me but also to my parents!! Dont worry, once i got a stable job, even i can sponsor my parents to perform hajj.. :)

Ok, wanna have some rest. Malam ni struggle Management Accounting pulak!!

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