Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What i really want to do?

I couldnt remember When is the last time i sat down and thought about doing something unusual from my daily routine life. Compared to others, i do admit my circle of hours is not as hectic as others, but somehow i do think that 24 hours is not enough. Being an accountant student is not as easy as IT student. Just imagine 7 hours at PAAC. 2 hours on the road, 2-3 hours doing my homework, and lately 2 hours with Dearie, mostly to settle our next new life. :) and of course the remaining is either sleeping, family, or watching TV

Up until now, i really miss my "free time" as an IT graduate. Really miss chit chatting with my friends, shopping, gossipping, blogging, online whenever i like. Kesian jugak dekat kawan-kawan yang call, inviting me to have lunch or go outing with them. But seriously, my weekend is worst. Orang datang rumah, family matters, again, with Dearie (yerp yerp, you can consider it as dating :p) and MidValley, KLCC, One Utama, Sunway etc is far far far away from my list and it has been ages i dint go to these place. Its not a big deal but it does show how bz i am and how desperately i need some space to breath.

Dear Sharmeen, Hana, housemate and others, sorry i couldnt make it, its not that im avoiding or pretend to occupy myself
with other things, but i really really couldnt make it but anyway, thanks for inviting me. And please dont hesitate to give me a call. Shameen, Dod, Hana? hehehe

Ok, yesterday was the end of our searching for a house. Susah ooo.. Yeah yeah, we coincidently found it and since the location is near from UM, so Dearie without having second thought, teruih confirm and tomorrow we have to settle our agreement with the owner. Mum's quite worried with the place because it is at 12th floor but as for me and Dearie, it is a strageic location and pleasant place to live in and the important thing - at affordable price. Mama insisted us to live in this house before we can afford to buy a house. She doesnt prefer our idea to rent a house actually :) Oh, to SK Ampang, yesterday i met Sophie's sister, Hanna at the condo area, cari rumah jugak. Haha.. Ntah2 kiterang jiran lak, but the sad thing, she couldnt remember me at all - just said, i look familiar.. Haha.. Oklaa, lapor!! Bye

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