Monday, March 07, 2005

Welcome to Islam

While driving my car on my way back home, i received a message from Ujie saying that her brother had already engaged with his girlfriend. Ok, that is not the main interest here, what excited me is, alhamdulillah her future sis-in-law is now a Muslim. Those who know Kak Bell, her Islam's name is Nur Nabila Bt Abdullah.

I get to know Kak Bell of course through Ujie and we met on several occasions and she did came to my engagement day with Ujie. She is very determined to understand Islam and Allah has chosen Ujie's family to teach and guide her to the right path. Ok, not only Ujie's family, but all of us should help these mualaf because they have a lot of things to learn. It is misrable to see a few of them lost in the middle of their direction because of US. Firstly, we dont show them the beautiful of islam and secondly we depand on ustaz, ustazah or jabatan agama to give the knowledge. We have to change this perception. Really!!

Ok, enough say.. Hope to see Kak Nabila soon!!

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