Friday, March 04, 2005


Making things up is harder than it seems. We plan, but it usually ends up beyond our expectation. Different people have different oppurtunities, different dreams and different definition in understanding the true meaning of life.

One step closer to the new world -> you know what i mean - I have to think a lot to deal with the reality. In making a decision, i can see its definitely tougher than before since i have to put other factors into consideration. I have to control my own destiny. It is very important to me to realize that I control my life with my mind not let the emotional control my decision. At first, i really hope i can do what i am thinking and only become what i think i want to be, but in this stage, i realize that sacrification is more meaningful in coloring my life.

Honestly, it may be difficult for me to go through this process but i am sure that Allah always has a better plan for me and i really sincere to make this decision. No "forcing" issue related - thats for sure. Dearie, if you read this.. dont worry, go ahead with your decision, grab the opportunities in front of you, cause it will never comes twice. Furthurmore, i certainly sure i will get benefit from it. :p (Picanto lawa kan :p)

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