Friday, March 11, 2005

No more Tag-board

Am tired of using tag board, so i switch to shoutbox, easier and better i guess. SPM result was announced last two days and to our surprised lots of students able to strike for more A's. Phew, I wonder whether they set a lower standard or our youths today getting simply crazier. In the class, this topic becomes an interesting issue, hehe at last we conclude "hai, pandai pun salah tak pandai pun salah". Anyway, congrats to all SPM students who scored with flying colors.

Hmm, it has been almost two days I eat porridge. Ruined my diet plan, as im trying to avoid rice and it works for 3 weeks. But unluckily, my dear gigi bongsu nak keluar, and it is too painful even im having a hard time to speak. Went to dentist after the class just now, but dear unluckily me, the clinic is closed. Aiyak and even worse, i ter-stepped on chewing gum. Irresponsibility citizen!! Ok, its not a big deal but for me, SAKIT HATI.

Ok, now my diet plan is over. Dah malas dah. Bile timbang, naik 1kg. Weird!! yerp, because i really really control my meals. No oily food, no rice and i always make sure i get a balance food. Hmm, so i guess, baik takyah diet!!

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