Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Me? Matchmaker?

A busy day being a student + preparing for the DAY, its definitely not a reason to forget about my other part of life. Yeah, i still hang out with my colleagues, watching movies and even playing with my nine year old sister!! And i hope, it still continues although my titlle will be changed, hehe..

Ok, currently im trying to be a matchmaker between a friend of mine and Dearie's friend. It is not i am trying to test my skills but i can see this two buddies have a lot in commons. They met once a few days back and in the middle of nowhere suddenly this "wild" idea crossing my mind. :p And i was surprised to get the positive feedback from my friend about my planning to matchmake her with this guy.

For your info, i NEVER match make my friend before and this is the first time i will try my best to implement this idea. Of course i will ask my Dearie to help me but as you know, guys dont really like to be the middle person unless he gets the benefit from it. Right?? But, i will use my power to persuade Dearie :)

My first plan, im still working on it, may be a bit slow for the first move since i want it to be naturally. But i just plan.. Dunno what wil happen tomorrow... Ok before i end, congratulations to Amalina who scored 17A1 in SPM - GILOS!! What do you eat Amalina??

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