Thursday, March 10, 2005

Congratulation Yamin n Rizal

Wah wah wah, my exprimary school mate friend, yamin, is now a new mother of a cute baby boy Danish. Dont ask where i got this news, should thanks to technology that makes our life easier happier and merrier.

The world is too small, especially when we are talking about Malaysia. Last two - three years i applied for a position at Xfresh. Coincidently, my resume has been read by yamin's hubby. Dont know what the true story was, but it finally came to yamin's knowledge and thats the only time i managed to chitchatted with her after quite a few years. Still remember, Rizal reminded me to call him after i graduate, but when the time comes, hehe, i ter-forgot. :p

Yamin, if you read this (i dont think so :)) Congratulations.. Tougher responsibilities awaits you, but im definitely sure it will be pretty exciting and very valuable experience that you cant buy!! Theres nothing more you need rather than to see you child grows in front of you.. Haha, sounds like mira dah tak sabar.. hahaha!!

Ok, this pic is courtesy from gBum's blog.. Thanks gBum..

Anyway, one interesting story happened during the lesson - motivation factor. Dunno how she relates, but then my lecturer adviced me about marriage life in front of the whole class. Interesting? dunno, no feeling since i was busy calculating my management accounting. hehe quite rude eh, lecturer really talking to me but i was busy doing my work. :p

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