Monday, March 28, 2005

Are You happy?

Yes i am. Ok this topic is nothing about my new life. As you all know, happiness is the key factor to define "kebahagiaan" but not all people are lucky to achieve for it. Some may have a beautiful highway where they can just drive through without any disturbance but some of us have so many pit stops.

As for me when people keep asking whether i really put my heart in the conversion program, the answer will be yes. I feel so honorable to be selected to join this program although i may have some doubts whether i can pass it or not. *sigh*. I am not regret at all to lose my position as a lecturer and lose some pocket money to join this program. Knowledge is important and i wont let this opportunity to fly away in front of my eyes.

People keep asking, how you will save your money since my wedding day is around the corner. Orait, as Dearie always remind me, majlis is not everything. The decision on why i want to get married in the early age (like someone say) is because the time has come and that is nothing to do with my career or what so ever. Its better for you to get married than hanging around with your boyfried, berkepit sane sini. Its better for you to get married when you think he is the right man for you. I always believe, rezeki akan jadi lebih murah jika kite mebuat keputusan yang positif.

Ok, just now i said nothing to do with marriage, heheh.. Sorry for that.. Ok another interesting question a person may ask on why i join this program as the second batch, not the first batch. Simple answer, at least i have other topful experince becoming part of education industry. And again, im not regret with this decision. What is your feedback when people asking you "Kalau join first batch, mira dah boleh keje dah". Heloo, im the planner for my own life, i know what i am doing.

In conclusion, join la conversion program bagi sape2 sponsor Petronas, tak kisah la awak tu dah lambat ke tidak. Trust me, it is interesting to play with figures. :p

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