Friday, February 04, 2005

Whats Statcounter offers you?

Its amazing to sign up as an official Statcounter member. Why? It will show your visitors path, country, states and etc. Funny, some of the visitors really want to find us, they even type wan faziatul amira or emran at the search engine. And of course it makes us wonder who they are..

My blog was a big hit during the tsunami disaster because i posted one article regarding the tsunami. Click here under Jendela 2004 That time, everyone is searching for the fresh news and latest information about the disaster.

Besides, you also can detect who is your regular visitors based on the IP address. Ok, i understand that different people has different point of view, some may see this as messy work, but for me, i love to keep track on the updates.

Orait, wanna stop here. Just now, i ate lamb at Suliana's "kenduri" and the effect: PANASSSSSSSS, dunno how Nadimah take it. She just came back from NY for good and having difficulties in adjusting the weather. haha. Ni pulak dengan panas + LAMB. Really glad to meet you dear!!

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