Thursday, February 03, 2005


Today, i went to my ex college to collect my claims. rm44 only maa, so tak de nak belanje2 erk. :p Just highlight a conversation between Nolee and me.

Nolee: Ko ni tak lari-lari lagi ngan ***** tu erk
Mira: chuckles :p

True indeed, i cant get rid of that college. Oppss correction, from my colleagues because they are too close and tooo nice to me. I miss them already. After class ended today, i rushed to Ampang so that i would managed to have a lunch with them. But unfortunately, traffic jam in KL is truly unpredictable. Stupid stupid stupid.

But!! i had my favorite rojak for my lunch. Hey, those who stays in Ampang, Rojak that across the junction of ISKL is the best rojak i ever had. Seriously, kalah Melawati punye.

Ok, back to the story, just like my mum assumed before, i just gossipping and gossiping but only for a short while since ALL of them having class at 1.40pm. They forced me to wait for them, so i waited-lah.

Before i went back, i stopped at each of the bridal shops in Ampang Point area but it gave me a heart attack!! Most of the shops are fully booked on my BIG day and i dint book anything yet. So my first mission starting from tomorrow is, send my kain to the tailor shop. And i choose one in Taman Melawati area since i satisfied with his end product. HIS?? but he introduced himself as Mimi. haha. Anyway, anyone knows any handcraft besides Inani handcraft? Please tell me

Ok, i shall stop here, cos i wanna watch Em's cousin in Explorace. Daa..

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