Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Business and Cyber Law

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Nad: Thanks for the advice, its not only for accomadation, but have to think for the costing :D.. ---> baru belajar costing

Emmachan: Yerp, thats what my parents idea too. Most probably, will go for siang.. but i wish for malam :p

samah: tunggu ko balik merana la aku Haha!! kalau ade lebih, aku simpan, kalau tak de... tak dapek den nok tolong

teh: hai teh.. thats what im trying to tell u through ym.. cos i know u havent decide whether u should go back or not.. anyway, somewhere around that time.. dunno when will u come back. Tarikh, i will tell you..

Overall, thanks for the opinions. Really appreciate it, but as i said, COST will really influence the decision. But, honestly, no matter siang ke malam, i wish i could see all my relatives and friends on that date.

I just finished my Business and Cyber Law tutorial class, actually i already took this subject as one of minor subjects in UTP but due to some circumstances we have to take this subject again. Luckily, this lecturer is interesting especially when she relates her experiences as a lawyer to the topic. Its so much easier to understand but unfortunately, i found that i may be facing some difficulties in answering the exam or assignments questions from the lawyer's point of view. Cant imagine when i have to construct word by word accordingly to the Act and etc. Tak percaye je.. Even, during the tutorial question just now, i mostly rely on the notes.

A story to share. My lecturer, once a week she will visit the prisoners and what surprising me and even her, she said some of the prisoners really get used to the act. They can memorized all the contents and it is accurate. Not because they are educated but they 'learn from the experience' :) Hmm, so 'dont play-play' law with them aaa..

Anyway, cant wait for my lecturer to tell us the story of Mona Fandey because she directly involved in that case. Should be interesting..

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