Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Week

Hai nampaknye setiap kali Dearie update, cik Mira kene betulkan die punyer html. This week, a few things happened. Should i start with a good news or bad news.. Let me start with the good one first.

Yeah!! I become a student again, maybe it sounds horrific to others, but for me, im so eager to attend the class and listen to the lecturers. Ok ok other reasons of course i was so relieved after the resignation. Currently i join 3 months conversion program in PAAC - Proffesional Advancement Achievement Center. The payment - of course it is under PETRONAS sponsorship. It is not a course under IT program but Accountacy. Hoho and that is why it is called Conversion program.

Actually we are the second batch to follow this program, mase first batch dulu, baru 2 bulan keje, and konon-konon tak berminat nak join. But i am not regret not to join the first intake, because i had a topful experience being a lecturer for six month and 10 days --> calculate lagi tu :)

Each lecturer who teaches us and whomever know that i joined this program , must asked this compulsory question -"Why accountancy, what happen to your IT degree". And my answer "Im not interested in IT", then someone will ask "So why did you choose IT?" and my answer goes "because PETRONAS offered me", "So why dont u work with PETRONAS" "because they already outsource the IT department" "other position?" mm this is the sad things "NO OTHER POSITION".. waaa!!

Anyway, i really really enjoyed this accountacy program and even i told my parents, "if i know i like accountancy, might as well i choose Prinsip Akaun rather than Biology.." And this is sound so-not-me hehe, I really really enjoying doing all the homeworks although the homeworks uiyooo banyak gile!! But past is past.. if it is not because of UTP, i wont meet my beloved cik abe.. :) and i wont meet my wonderful friends in UTP.. and perhaps i do not know anything about IT

Ok, thats the good news, the bad news.. how should i start.. last tuesday, i met my Dearie since he was on public holiday - Thaipusam. But before i met him, i finished my class at 1.00 pm, so since it was still early, i decided to have a lunch with Nolee at A&W in KLCC. This is the first time i went there after it has been renovated. So, while i was eating, suddenly i saw an old English man, Gedebum!! fell in front of me.. makanan semua tumpah.. and he was bleeding. He fell because he accidently "tersepak lantai" / kicked off floor? Sorry, i dont know how to describe, but this is the failure of an architecture, although it is well-designed but it is not environmental friendly. So readers, watch your steps when you are in A&W KLCC.

Opss, im not coming to the bad news yet. Shall i? While i was bz eating and chit chatting, i received a call from dearie around 2.30 pm and he was still in Malacca. At first, i didnt want to wait for him, but then, i changed my mind. Nolee was waiting for her cousin and she accompanied me to window shopping but we were too tired to walk, so we decided to go to Masjid As-Syakirin. Boleh rehatkan badan sikit. So we performed our Asr prayer there, and at 5pm, Nolee went back with her cousin and i had to wait for my Dearie.

But but but i only managed to meet Dearie at 6.30 pm there, and i was surprised that i was that patient :) opss, i did show my sour face but honestly i was not that mad.. did you notice Dearie? :) He wanted to redeem his Osim voucher at KLCC but not even halfway, i told him i was damn lazy to walk back to KLCC. So, we walked towards the parking area. Dearie asked me "Boleh tak kita pergi mane-mane yang naik lrt je" and i just nodded, but i need to put my heavy bag first. Note: Mira still muke seposen nak suruh die pujukla konon nya. But suddenly Dearie said

"Mira, notebook kite hilang" and i..
"Alaa betulke?" thought he was lying
"hmm" and to make sure, i checked, and its true..
Note: Mira terus tak jadi merajuk..

But he was so cool in handling this matter, im sure if it is me, i will play with my emotion hehe.. He called a security guard for helped and lodged two reports, one in KLCC and another in Balai Polis Dang Wangi. The security told us that this is the first case in that open car park compared to the basement car parking. In 30 minutes, my Dearie lost his notebook, a handphone, a digi camera and some coins. And within 30 minutes, that inconsiderate people, im sure with the help of technology gadget, they managed to do that "excellent job". The reason he left his notebook because he wanted to performed Asr prayer. Kesian dia.. but i cant afford to buy him a notebook. Nanti yer.. But Alhamdulillah, Em "accidentally" separated the external hard drive from the notebook and just uploaded his client work. The most importantly, the car is still there..

p/s Right now, i am blogging while watching Majalah 3 about Tsunami in Sri Lanka. Subhanallah. Begitulah kebesaran Allah. Kagum melihat masjid di Sri Lanka yang berusia seabad masih utuh. Tersentuh hati melihat satu demi satu wanita dihanyutkan arus deras. Pedih melihat mayat bayi yang menjadi mangsa tsunami.

And today, i sit for PTD exam, didnt give much hope. I know im doing very bad, luckily met SasaShasha and spent our time together during the break. And surprisingly, to jasinian especially Hanis, i met Faridah.. She told me she SMS-ing you but no reply ...


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