Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Surprise Birthday Party

ok, before i proceed with the topic, i would love to throw my idea on Anugerah Juara Lagu 19 which was held last Sunday. Although the decision has been made and nothing could be changed, but the rumors and dissatisfaction could not be avoided. Basically, i disagreed with the decision especially when Spider has been announced as the Juara Lagu 2004. Although, i loved the husky voice from Tam but i dont think the song suits the Pop Rock category. It also doesnt mean that i am the die heart fan of Pulangkan, but with the beautiful redemption from Ajai, Habsah Hassan and Shuhaimi Baba, this song has more pontential. But result is a result, no one can turn back time and warned the judges to follow our instinct.

Secondly, how come Misha Omar won the Best Vocal? To me, anuar Zain deserved it. Among the judges, i didnt see any vocal teacher. Unfair judgment. Misha failed for her breathing and she dint performed at her best. Honestly, i hate the way she performed, hentak-hentak kaki atas stage, then lari lari dekat stage, terkankang-kankang dekat stage. Can we say her style? Yerks.. she is willing to do anything!! I noticed there was one part, she "accidentally" changed the tuned. Did the judges see it?


Right now im in Mantin. Actually since yesterday to celebrate my bubbly teddy birthday. Successful plan, surprised Dearie with the visit and later in the evening, we together with Dearie colleagues celebrated his birthday at KFC in Mantin. (Hey, what can you expect from Mantin?? :))

The journey to Mantin, ouch, tough one. Taxi from my house to Putra Wangsa Maju - Putra KLCC to buy the Secret Recipies Cake (aimed to buy Banana choc, but was not available - limited choiced - Only have Mocha Walnut, Mango Delight, Kiwi Delight- so i chose Mocha Walnut - then KL Sentral (note : with a box of cake) - changed train - KTM Komuter to Batang Benar - and from there, took a taxi to his college.

Everyone looking at me, yerp with two bags and the box. Oh, i met suhana sidek, a friend of mine in Jasin and currently studying in Melbourne. She looks gorgeous. Read the conversation

Navigator = Mira nak naik train, Sue nak turun train. Location KLCC Putra

Suhana : Eh, eh
Mira : eh, eh. Macam maner erk. (I was in hurry, plus with the box!!) Sorry, see you!!

and she just smiled. Ok, i should message her through Friendster.

After i arrived in Mantin, quickly called Dearie and as expected he was not in a good mood. Ok, you can read in his previous post and comments. Hehe I lied to him, told him i couldnt come to Mantin with a lot of reasons. Back to the scene, i called him to come down and at first he refused. but at last, kuasa memujuk di tangan perempuan, hehe, die pun turun. and i just wished him "Happy Birthday Sayang" and presented the box of cakes. Then, i managed to see his big smiles again. My boy.. ahaha

11 of us turned up to celebrate his birthday and of course i revealed all - ok not all, part of :)his merajuk and manja to his colleagues and everyone couldnt believe my Dearie is quite "karat" - that was what his colleagues mentioned.

Anyway, thanks to all especially to Ise, Kak Jannah and Kak Umei for their cooperation. Really appreciate it. What a day to remember - rite abang? :p!!

p/s will upload the pics later..

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