Thursday, January 20, 2005

Salam Aidiladha

2 days in mantin. went to nilai yesterday to survey the price and yeah, it much much more cheaper than in KL. Most probably i will buy my weds stuff here, save budget. On the way, em received another birthday present - summon.. hehe, cos both of us dint wear seatbelt.. what a jerk, we dint appeal and dint say a word to the policeman. tawakal je. and after received the summon, then only we regret..hehe but its too late. Directly we went to Seremban 2 police station to appeal, but unfortuantely, a lot of motorists rushed to pay up their traffic finds. Probably, following the tough stand by the police to hunt down offenders right to their homes. Dearie has to come over to the police station again because his application need an approval from the upper management + he was in hurry for the next class.

Ok, Dearie just sms me to pack my things and go home. Baba asked us to go to Low Yat to buy his pendrive, so kene pi sane dulu. Orait, salam aidiladha and do spend your holiday wisely. Build your relationship with your relatives and friends in this coming Eidul Adh. Salam dari Amira & Emran..

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