Friday, January 14, 2005

I already resigned

Well, is that supposed to be im happy? To be honest, i have mixed feeling. 50% happy and 50% sad. I played with my emotional for the past one week, but i guess its time for me to move on. For a better future and a better life, of course.

Looking back at the past, yerp, i really love this profession. Still remember when i received a call from this college, i was very eager to go for the interview. For your information, i had to go trough 3 process of interviewing. 1st - with my immediate superior in Ampang, then the next day, i have been interviewed by the Director in KL and finally with the HR General Manager in HQ.

For the last interview session, it really makes me sick. Had to wait for two hours before being interviewed, and the GM never apologized. Mase tu memang rase taknak keje dah, but thinking about another 2 session before, where they were very friendly and helpful, so i cancelled the original plan.

6 months and 10 days in this college, honestly it was a topful experience. I learn a lot of things - being matured. It took about one month for me to mix with other staffs. Students, from them i had a chance to ltake a look at the other side of my lifestyle. And my biggest responsibility, to guide them in the right path and of course giving them he knowledge.

Although there were obstacles during my employment, but im proud because i am able to handle it with care. Tense, easily get irritated and annoyed - its a normal process in working environment. Alhamdulillah, everything went well and i was officially resigned from this college on 12th January 2004.

i will miss my colleagues. really. especially the academic staff. they helped me a lot. It is proved that, if you have a good teammated you will produce a good work. Although i feel im going to have a better salary after this :) but i wonder, can i get the same colleagues like them?

Ok, last saturday - 8th january, we had to attend a moderation meeting - To finalize the marks for the final exam in all centres in Malaysia. Then, we had our lunch at Crown Crystal Cafe. Its a farewell party for me.. :) Baikkan derang..

Crown Crystal Cafe located in Jalan Universiti. Very pleasant entrance right :) Actually its more to Mamak restaurant but they have different concept.

This is my lunch. First time makan dengan banana leaf. lauk tu bukan mira yang pilih, derang memang letakkan untuk kite. Banyakkan, i finished the nasi beriyani :) but not the lauk.

Ok, after finished eating we had to fold the banana leaf. Let say, if we fold from the opposite way, it indicates that we enjoyed our food, kalau terbalik, maknenyer kite tak suke. So, in conclusion i enjoyed the food. :)

Ni lah semua tenage pengajar kolej ni. All in the pictures excluded the part time staff. Miss them miss them miss them..

Oh, i showed this pic to them, and they thought it was me. Punyer la derang marah, kate mira curang laa ape laa heheh :) Acap, if you read this, jangan perang besar pulak. :) Hana and me - look alike right :)

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