Monday, January 03, 2005

Duitku ditahan

Fotopages is having some technical problems and pity for my fellow friends, dah la nak upload, but they couldnt do so. Sorry guys.. Today is the new semester in this college, and quite a number of new faces in this centre. New faces means they should make some profit then, but i wonder why until this blog is written, i still dint receive my payment. Even my pay slip written KIV. Ok, i can make some assumptions but theres no guarantee it is correct. I did asked my boss but she just said she will check with the HQ, and later in the evening, she went off to HQ, so i do not know what happened yet. Probably tomorrow.

Desperately need the money, yerp since this is the last full payment before i join the conversion program. Thought wanna use the money to pay for the wedding package, sponsoring breakfast for my colleague and see the dentist, but damn it ruins my plan.

But seriously, i dont mind if they refused to pay the salary as long as they released me, but please jangan lah tak bayar langsung. Waa, any donation? Hehe, no no, better you contribute to tabung bencana tsunami.

Ok, tomorrow im having 8.30am class and i am quite sleepy. Got irritated watching our Malaysian football team just now. 4-1?? so questionnable.. My brother joined the crowd at Bukit Jalil stadium, and i sms-ing him just to tell him that he just waited rm10 to watch the match.. hahaha Your say??

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