Monday, December 13, 2004

Mira after 10 days PART II

Ok, yesterday I end my story after the three days, yerp I m more overjoyed to watch Apprentice rather than blogging. Plus, this is the only show I might say that I watched it with my mum. Oh, please don't tell me who won this game, I would rather wait until the season ends, haha I want that surprised. By the way, one of my uncle (my mom's second cousin) passed away today because of heart attack. AlFatihah to arwah Pak Long Tan. I was shocked to hear the breaking news, since arwah is still healthy. Allah nak tarik kite bile-bile mase pun boleh, tak kire tua atau muda, miskin atau kaye, sihat atau berpenyakit, suke atau duke, kalau Allah kate Jadi make Jadilah. Cuma adakah kite bersedia? Mmm..

Monday, 6 December 2004

My first batch of students who has to sit for the final exam. Was a topful experience, since not only I had to invigilate but it was meaningful when students raise their hands to ask question, and we become their reference. On the first day, they had to sit for Human Resource Management exam, the question is not that tough but unfortunately a few students returned the blank paper. Hmm..

Went home with a lot of works waiting, had to cook for the next day since I invited my colleagues and several of my friends for Hari Raya. Its not an open house, but it just a normal visit to my house. That night I cooked rendang ayam and chocolate cake.

Today, it was one of the interesting days of the week, I received a letter from PETRONAS requesting whether I am interested to follow the conversion program offered by KPMG. Honestly, I was not that interested to further my study in subject which is not related from my degree, but thinking this is the strongest reason to breach my contract, so I may took up the challenged. Note: You know how desperate I am to resign from this college :).

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

I woke up early in the morning with the running nose and I didn't have enough energy to walk and continue my daily routine. Demam and sejuk-sejuk, so for the first time I ever, I decided to take an MC. Called my colleague to inform them I was on leave but they thought I tried to skip to prepare all the dishes. Luckily, I have makcik to assist me. Later in the afternoon, I called my Boss to ask her whether I should come and see my students doing the exam (since I am the only lecturer teaching the subject) but she refused for me to do so. Kind of weird right? Anyway, I still have to go to Ampang Point to take the MC.

Arrived home quite late but I still have a chance to cook sambal sotong. Then one by one guest coming in and until the end of the day, most of the lauk FINISHED. Hehe, so bangge although the chocolate cake tak jadi.

Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Had lunch with my Dearie after he went for UM interview. I really really hope he managed to get the offer since I really really wants to settle down in KL : ) Had lunch in Asean Delight in Ampang Point, a pleasant place for dining in especially with your hubby. Recommended to everyone, currently there is a lunch set promotion for just RM12.90 which is affordable. Dearie and I just ordered one lunch set but ate for two person : ). Tu la sape suruh waiter tu kate, unlimited.

Told Dearie about the course and he advised me to take the offer although he was not pressuring me. Hmm, now I was just thinking to prepare a notice.

Thurday, 9 December 2004

Before arrived to the office, had to send Saffuan to work and Mama to STAR. Mama went to Segamat to join Baba and the rest of the siblings. For the first time ever, I had to stay alone together with Makcik and nenek. I was not get used to the situation, so since I was fasting on that da, so I invited Nadiah to break the fast with me in Station Cafe, Taman Melawati.

Fetched her after Maghrib. While we were busy chit chatting, suddenly Nadiah told me "Mira, orang gile". I was bloody scared since we sat exactly in front of the exit, we just one glance, I saw a man singing happily along the road. I avoid to make an eye contact with that guy, so I just stared at Nadiah. Then Nadiah quickly told me "Mira, die pakai seluar ke tak" and I could not see him anymore. Anyway, that guy according to Nadiah, he was wearing only a Tshirt without any pants. Hmm, and she totally stopped from eating after seeing that show. Haha.

Friday, 10 December 2004

Just arrived at the office abruptly my Boss stopped me at her room, she appointed me to organize the personal files of the students. The one which I hate most. It was damn dreary process whereby it really wasting my time on the work which is supposed belonged to someone. But, before I was going being on her room, i prepared the notice with the help with my entire colleagues. They too just wait for a chance to quit. Everyone is eager about resigning from this college.

The times has come, I walked into the room with the students files in my hands. Before I sat down, I showed the white envelope to her

"Miss A, before we start work, I have something for you" me, with the biggest smile I had
"What's this? Is it true" Miss A felt uneasy
I just nodded
"Oh no, got to find another lecturer" while reading the letter
"Wah, so lucky are you, never mind, I will pass this notice to Dr. B"
"Amira, actually I want to promote you"

Haha, I was not interested at all, promote means more work and I heard they will just want to add another RM150, haha forget it.

Then our conversation is more towards the course. Actually it is not that lucky, I have to go through all the stages before confirming a place in KPMG which is still uncertain. But, I would not tell the college. Spent 3 hours in the Miss A room, chit chatted with Miss A until it becomes a favorite issue in the office.

Later in the evening, we had a meeting with Dr B and it is interesting to watch one by one issued that has been raised up especially in terms of delegation of work. But somehow, I was quite irritating towards the Dr B reaction about delegation of work. Typical top management. I was glad that I will be away from this whole mess.
Went to mantin with public transport, bus-putra-komuter and dearie pick me up at Batang Benar. You know what, when I was buying the ticket, the guy at the counter laughed at me when I mention that I wanted to go to Batang Benar. Haha. Nasib baik name tempat tu Batang Benar, kalau Batang Besar. Opss opps censored.

Dearie, brought me for a dinner at Amira Restaurant at Nilai, cute kan : ) Then we performed Maghrib prayer at one of the mosque in Nilai. SOOO big!! Right after that, we went for a quick shopping at Nilai 3. Then makan sate dekat Beranang before I stayed overnight at his friend's house. Thanks Kak Umei and Kak Jannah, I know you were reading this blog too. :).

Saturday 11 December 2004

Hari yang di tunggu-tunggu, bangun lepas Dearie telefon suruh siap by 10 am. Before we were going back to Malacca, we had to attend Dearie's colleague open house somewhere near the campus. A journey to Malacca, hmm both of us could not stop talking until I did not realize we already reached Batu Berendam.

While waiting for my parents to arrive, I assisted Dearie's mum with the lunch. Hehe, biase laa. :p When my family arrived, his mum asked us to eat first. Hehe, orang lain kalau makan dekat rumah mak mertua sopan santun, tapi mira makan penuh pinggan. That was what my siblings said and Dearie just laughed. Lapor plus ade seafood lagi la.

When they come to the serious topic, I was suspend and really really uncomfortable especially we have to confront both parents to set the date for the BIG day. Finally, hehe sume dah arranged and InsyaAllah if everything is going fine, I will tell you later. Wink wink wink..

Sunday 12 December 2004

Nothing interesting happened. Just get excited with the date. :p

Monday 13 December 2004

Posting panjang sangat, I dah malas .. Thanks for reading..

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