Sunday, December 12, 2004

Mira after 10 days PART I


The longest silence from the blogging world so far, really want to update but I just didn't have the chance of doing so although blogging is part of my hobbies. Actually, I updated one post last Friday, a tribute to my arwah tok wan and pah. I remembered tears running down on my cheek when I was typing all the memories with them. But unfortunately, suddenly I coincidently exit the page and the long long post just gone. Just like that. It is kind of weird, whereby I didn't get mad or disappointed and I even more satisfied with what I did. May be next time.

Friday, 3 December 2004

Seperti yang disedia maklum, sebelum posting ni, mira ade cakap kan si hana nak belanje kat dome as the celebration for her first salary. Haha, I know sharmeen will laugh at me, she said that I would be the last person to update about Dome, and it is proved. What to do Meen, sooo bz meh :p Ok, on that day, I finished my work at 5, luckily something happened at office so I had to go back quite late. I never felt happy to stay back in the office except for that day. You know, I had to wait for Hana to arrive home and it would such a waste of time to go back and drive again to meet them.

Met hana at her grandparent's house and this is the reason that inspired me to write a tribute to my grandparent's. Seeing her talking with her grandparent's, of course I missed them too, but Allah love them more. Luckily, on that day, Hana's grandma just came back after minor operation, both of them still remember me and I felt uncomfortable to change my name from Mira to Wan. Haha. When someone called me Wan, it indicates that they know me since primary school.

Ok, our dinner, holaaa best of the best. We managed to eat ALL meals; even the waiter kept smiling to see us eating. Hehe, of course a long the way, we would updated each of us, and Hana was our aimed. Since bunga-bunga cinta sakura hendak berputik, so mane tau jumaat tu mulut masin. Kuang kuang Kuang. I love it, some people may follow the protocol eating in the exclusive restaurant but for us, we still maintain our Malay value. Nak melantak jangan malu-malu. Hahah.

Saturday, 4 December 2004

Woke up early in the morning after received a call from Hana. Kuang kuang kuang, berkat Jumaat, Hana officially was taken by Acap, congratulation to both of them after 7 years waiting. In simpe words, hana deserved to have Acap and I do hope Acap will make my bestest friend happier than before. Just now, I chatted with Hana, and somehow she is very happy with her decision and couldn’t wait for her next vacation. Haha. Anyway, I am happy for you too.

That day, I had to attend my college annual dinner. It was quite a rush, since I had to attend my auntie's open house in Klang. Damn heavy traffic, took nearly two hours to Klang and I nearly canceled my planned to attend my college grand dinner. Luckily, my colleague was willing waited for me.

The grand dinner held in Dewan Merdeka, PWTC, sounds grand huh. Opss, I couldn't upload any of the pictures because my college name is everywhere. Note: I never revealed what is my college's name in this blog. Actually, I couldn't upload, because I didn't use the digital camera and furthermore I don’t have scanner.

Anyway, the dinner was a very simple dinner, a normal speech given by the CEO followed by the performance from each of the branch all over Malaysia. Actually, it was a competition among them, but I just couldn't understand why ALL of the students focusing just on dance. Anyway, that's not the story, the best part was, students fighting sampai ade yang baju terkoyak. Luckily, they fought behind the stage and security didn't realize.

Then, we (colleagues and me) decided to have a supper at Ampang Jaya, and while we was there, we met Sofia Jane and her husband. This is the first time in my life, I was interested to attract celebs attention and she was so humble. Note: Melawati has many celebs, even this evening, there was a shooting in front of my house, Hehe, bukan berlagak, but that's the fact.

Sunday 5 December 2004

Received a call from Hanis, it has been a long long long time we didn't contact each other, not even through ym. So, for 3 hours we shared our story, and thanks Hanis for being a good listener. From love, we moved to work, study, ambition and future life. And not to forget, gossiping, hahaha. Sorry hana, I revealed your top story to her. Ok, part 2, I shall continue tomorrow. Nak tengok the Apprentice.

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