Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hari tu, hari ni, esok

Well, well like Sharmeen said, "Mira u always be the last person updating the blog", which i do agreed. Since im working and at the momment, the external modem is not that function (rase2 sebab short circuit), no chance to sit around to glue my eyes in front of the computer. IF only and i wish, they equip me a computer with the internet connection, im sure i will really be a knowledgable staff. haha.

Theres more good news happening for the past week. Starting from the DOME. As promised, hana, sharmeen and I went to the DOME. Definitely, eating session was awesome. even the waiter quite surprised to see us eating like there is no tomorrow. During that time, surely we would update each other and hana was our aimed. Tak sangka dok usik die ngan mat Jepun tu, masin pulak, agaknye malam Jumaat kot.

But one thing, before we went to klcc, i visited her grandma and grandpa at ampang jaya. Dah lame tak jumpe, her grandma had just undergo an operation and luckily when i came, her opah baru balik. Looking at both of them, i really missed my arwah tokwan, pah gerik and pah taiping. Arwah shidee (my father's dad); i didnt had a chance to know arwah better. ok, back to the story, i missed arwah tokwan for his kindness. I had never seen arwah tokwan marah-marah. Even until the end of his life, he was still driving, hantar pergi sekolah, mengaji. The day before Hari Raya, he would in charge of kebersihan and arrangement.

Arwah pah taiping, i missed her laksa, that was the last meal she cooked for us. After that she paralyzed. Last time, she always brought me to her school. I would sit on the chair staring at her teaching while her students couldnt keep an eye on me. hahah, ape nak buat comel :p. Last time, everytime there was a school holidays, i would spent my holidays with both of them rather than following my parents.

They would never missed to drive us (me and saffuan) to Penang. Sebab naik ferry and everytime i see that ferry, my mind will automatically refreshing the memories with them.

Letak je kerete dalam ferry, saff n mira memang tak sabar-sabar nak turun nak duduk dekat ferry sebab nak tengok air. Kalau dulu sebab pendek lagi tak sampai nak tengok air, tokwan akan dukung so that we can see the crystal clear water. So, kire filem titanic punye scene tu derang tiru laa :D. Lepas tu pulak, saffuan jenis yang tak boleh duduk diam, suke naik atas feri sebab nak tengok ape ade dekat atas and tokwan akan ikut je cakap cucu die.

Hmm, i missed them. Duit kiterang tak pernah putus, pah and tokwan mesti bagi duit kat cucu-cucu die. Back to kampung in Taiping, tokwan and pah brought us to their dusun in Batu Kurau. Tokwan memang tak bagi cucu die turun sangat dekat dusun, so setiap kali datang, kiterang setakat duduk dalam dangau je. Musim buah, memang kiterang tak pernah miss. Sekarang, dusun tu terbiar..

At least, i have something to show to them, tokwan sempat tengok result UPSR mira and pah sempat tengok mira masuk U. Alhamdulillah, thats make them smile.

p/s.. Ade orang panggil i, kalau tak lagi panjang nak cerite...

Semoga mereka berbahagia di alam sana. Alfatihah to arwah Abu Hassan Bin Mat Saman, arwah Hasnah Bt Abd Hamid, arwah Wan Ahmad bin Wan Mahiran and arwah Wan Aisyah Bt Wan Din

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