Friday, December 03, 2004


Opps opss, finally my dream to eat at this exclusive restaurant may comes true. Someone will spend some of HER first salary for me and Sharmeen. Who else, Hana. Harap-harap jadi. But despite that, some other thing that really make me feel guilty, i cancelled the plan with my old friend. Hmm..

Came to work with thousands of questions messing around in my head. My colleague needs to get the exam question paper from HQ in PJ by today because starting this Monday, final examination is held.

I really want to have one-to-one and heart-to-heart discussion with the Human Resaource General Manager to discuss some increment in my salary. You know, i do think i received the lowest paid ever for a full time lecturer. I just couldnt understand the situation, when the first time i joined this college, they gave me the reason that i was still new and only has a degree qualification. I accepted the offer since i felt that education is closed to my heart. But later on, i found out that, different staff had different salary although having the same qualification. There is a BIG different of salary between mine and other staff with the same qualification.

Ok, i should thankful at least i got the job, but as you know, salary plays an important role in determining our satisfaction, loyalty and commitment. Furthermore, not only my teaching workload exceed 20 hours per week (except for december), i also had to do the head of department (we called it LIC) which is tedious and A LOT since there is no LIC for my school. Even my colleague also called me as acting LIC.

But today, as i walked into the office, i cancelled the plan to meet with the GM due to several reasons. I hate to explain to my boss about my purpose of going to PJ, and the second reason, i do have in mind that i want to resign maybe sooner or later. Right now, i just waiting for the offer, dunno whether can get it or not. To this, i need to meet the GM again because it against my contract. I dont want to create that impression over and over again like i did before i signed the contract.

So now, im alone in the office, two of them already went to PJ, others are having a class and the rest were on leave. Luckily, there is one student from Sudan, cooked her traditional nasi beriyani and its sooo delicious!!! hehe, tu laa berkat orang tak ramai, dapat makan free :p

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