Monday, November 01, 2004

Money and us

Fuhh!! Today my money flows like water, but still haven't settled the necessary part yet. Had a Hari Raya shopping with Azyan and Mimi, but I just spent the money for Azyan. Promised her that I will buy her Hari Raya stuffs, kalau tak beli hari ni, alamat tetiap hari die tuntut, tak larat den nak dengar.

Of course, I would not let myself came back with empty hands, so I bought a pants and toiletries. Before we went back, stopped at Bazar ramadhan to buy otak-otak, peparu and onde-onde although it was heavily rain.

Calculated how much I spent today, and realized that there is only a portion of this months' budget. Here is some of the list..

Renew my license
Ketuk kerete (I bang the car last month :)
Pay my IELTS
Raya preparation
Pay my phone bills
Season parking
Etc.. etc.. etc..

Actually the salary that we earn, it's more to fulfill our necessity rather than our savings, and the older we are, the more money is required. Luckily, at the beginning of my career, I don't have to worry about the car, house and food.

The definition of money is subjective from one individual to another depending on their lifestyle. People in town has high cost of living compared to those who live in kampong. Besides family matter, they may need the money to buy a new car, new house, new plan vacation, new jewelries and perhaps new land. And that is why; orang kampong can perform hajj earlier than us, because they don't have to be anxious about it, contrast to us. Mm.. why cant we follow their steps? Save our money to fulfill our main obligation. Dearie once told me, at least from now, he asked me to save rm100 per month, so that another 10 years, i can perform my hajj. Doesnt mean to hurt anyone but just giving an opinion..

p/s Met farizahani for the first time after 5 years today. She told me, im SIHAT!! waa tak sonok nya... Hana, dia kirim salam.. she mentioned ur name because she thought i was u :)...

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