Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Just came back from surau, totally and extremely tired today, having classes directly from 1.40pm till 9.15pm. Break only to perform pray, even i broke the fast with the students inside the class. I dint allow them to go to the nearest restaurant because they were having test, if i allow, i dont think they can finish the test on time. And i not that patient to drag the time. :) Crazy right??

Just now i had taken one action, called the authorized party to change someone's attitudes. But aarghh!! the bureaucracy was terrible, from one person to another and from place to another, but i finally i managed to lodge a report. Do take note, from bottom of my heart, i dont want to embarass them, but i just want to teach them to respect our fasting month.

Just now, the ceramah given by Ustaz Khazim and i had opportunity to listen for 30 minutes, (i arrived home quite late today). Ok, heres some of the highlights that we can share together.

1. Before we make any decision, we should berzikir and read surah Al-Iqra'
2. Dreaming is divided into 3 categories
i. From Allah (usually its from 3.30 am to 5+ am)
ii. From iblis
iii.Mengigau (dont know what we call in English)

Lets say if we dream someone who had already passed away, wearing a white jubah and bertelekung, InsyaAllah, they are save and happy in Alam Bazarkh, and let say if we see them, wearing all blacks and having the negative expression, bear in mind, maybe, they want us to help them or we owe something from them

3. We cant force a patient to eat medicine, or bring them to the doctor. Medicine is not the remedy to all the sufferings, is all on Allah's willing. In Islam, there is a way to "force" our children to eat ubat, Feed them with the medicine starting from either side of the face, regardless left or right.

Only 3 points there, but at least better than nothing. One sentence from Ustaz Khazim before he ends his ceramah "Jadikan bulan Ramadhan ini, Ramadhan yang terbaik dari sebelumnya".

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