Sunday, October 31, 2004

Our school system

Aha, tomorrow it's a public holiday for Selangor in conjunction of Nuzul Quran and of course I will really appreciate this coming public holiday after the tiring weekend. Started the weekend by making a phone called on Saturday to inform my Miss Manager that I took the Emergency Leave. Why? I cant mention here, bahaye!! :) Have to think about any possibility before construct any sentences.

Anyway, my Saturday packed with that matter, promised Ani to meet her at KLCC at 2.45pm but I arrived quite late. Sorry Ani, ampun ya, and we went straight to the destination and after everything had been settled down, my family and I together with Ani directly went to PJ and bukak pause together.

And today, nothing interesting happened; canceled the plan to buy baju raya for Ika, and cleaning up my messy room :). Now, its 12.51 am and all my siblings had gone to sleep even though tomorrow it's the public holiday. They had been taught by my parents to sleep earlier except for me and Saffuan.

For the time being they are on and off going to school, and my mum allowed that since they have nothing to do there. Exam is over and the teacher does not conduct any activities. So, instead of they are wasting their time sitting around and doing nothing, might as well they stay at home. My sister said her teacher also did not warn or scold them if the students going back earlier and another sister of mine told me that her teacher even advised them not to attend the school.

In this case, I did not blame any of the parents, students or teachers but the system. The exam is done at least one month earlier before the school holiday. As the student before, I understand why the ponteng sekolah becomes widely practice by the students. My mum and my aunty once said our school system is different from their time. Last time, students enjoyed going to school, and this because of several reasons. First, they are no entertainment at their house and second, the teachers carried out extra activities for the students.

Last time, the teacher will teach them how to sew; cook, gardening, grooming and etc and even they were willing to pay for watching any videos. They can used any of the school facilities without any limitation. But since we are getting too modern, those things had been ignored. This is what happened today,

"Tak tau jahit, hantar kedai je"
"Tak tau masak, beli je"

School only focuses on theoretical elements and more concentrating in producing an intelligent student rather than shaping the attitudes and maturity of the students. When the exam is over, it means that the system has successfully finished at one stage. The students mind has been set that study is to pass the exam but not to gain more knowledge. School has become the place for conducting the structured plan rather than the place to incorporate strategic planning and the tactical planning.

p/s im talking about myself also. Announcement: who knows Nadia new blog address? Ani, kenape bile mira masuk je blog ani, mesti kene jangkit virus?

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