Wednesday, October 20, 2004

On the 1st day fasting

I ve seen my Dearie updated his posts. Maybe his kinds of missing me since we dint contact each other for a few days :). Open this blog to see any changes in me.. i guess.. :) My few days of fasting was quite tiring and it is difference compared to previous years. i had a feeling, next year will be much much much differ.. hehe..

Anyway, congratulations and Good luck to Hana for her first time job at VADS and Ani, for accepting the offer for a conversion program at KPMG. Keep up a good work!!

Ok, here are the replies from the tagboarc:

Shaf: Selamat berpuasa jugak, memang first day, rase nak pengsan, kalau jadik student, mesti segala aktiviti hari sabtu tu nak ponteng, tak larat dah!!

Emmachan: Tu laa nak kene prektis buat bm skema2.. tengah planning nak sambung buat novel yang tergendala tu..

Sharmeen: Selamat berpuase, aku dah lame tak bukak blog, letih aku bace ko nyer post, baru berape hari, panjang gile post ko!!

Zaid: eh, hi Zaid, welcome. dah lame tak borak, sorry.. mira dah tukar email address, no more yang dulu, sebab kene hack. tapi mira taknak reveal my new email add kat sini. mintak lah kat sape2 erk

First day puasa..

Went to office as usual, actually not that usual, woke up quite late that morning and realize i was too late for the 8.30am class. arrived at college around 9am, and already acted like nothing happened, plus, this class they always came late to the class. BUT, guess what, around 9am, my students standing in front of the college and "Hai miss mira, we are having class right?" oh no, i was in big trouble, not even i entered the college, i already received one signed. Masuk je dalam college, nak punch in, the boss quickly asking me "eh, mira, u have 8.30am class right?" and someone continues the momment "ha lambat lambat".. and on the first day puasa, pahala dah kurang dah!! i lied.. "terlupe lak hari ni ade 8.30am class, jadual baru"

Luckily, that day was the first class with these students on friday, so i can save the day. Hate to be a hypocrite and hate the fact that i have to lie especially during the fasting month. But, i just did. You know, my friends in UTP kept calling me gembala kambing since i love to cheat, (i mean a stupid joke) but thats only for a few minutes, then i would correct the statement. But this time, hmm..

Then, after the class, i reeived a special announcement whereby all the muslims can go back at 4pm during the fasting month. What a good news ehehe.. and of course i love to make the non-muslims envied!! hehe, so, at 4pm sharp, memang terus i balik with the biggest smile i had. Plus, on that day, my Dearie will bukak puasa with my whole family. Note: In malacca, if we get engaged, man has to bring the raw foods to the lady and of course we have to cook :)

BUT, when i got into the car, suddenly, the alarm could not stop ringing. DAMN! dahla pagi tu, my dad refused to let me using the car, but i insisted. and inilah pembalasan sebab menipu, degil and berlagak balik kul 4.. haha dah lame sangat bising, so one pakcik, came towards me and helped. but still it didnt work. called my dad, and of course he was getting mad.. opss opss. actually im quite afraid to see that pakcik doing some wiring. waiting for my Ina and Vivian to come, but as they arrived, still nothing changes. They trying to help but it didnt work at all. We waited for dad to arrive, and that time its already 5+. if Selvi know what happened, im sure she would laughed at me. hehe

Suggested to my father to call one mechanic around that area but the idea was rejected. baba nak gune mechanic yang same. he asked to go home and fetched my sister from school while he waited for the mechanic. Called em and he still stuck at Pandan Indah for nearly 30 minutes. And me, stuck at Flamingo for nearly 30 minutes. gile punye jam tambah2 hujan lebat giel, but finally i managed to reach at Ika's school on time. Ika demanded for her food and i just stopped at the shop nearby. Tambah lak, her first day puasa, so kasik can..

Arrived home at 6.30pm and rushed for Asr prayer. Nearly at 7pm, two important men in my life, still not here yet. i called both of them. Baba still there, waiting. bersalah gile, dah la baba, balik seminggu sekali je, first day puasa, terpakse bukak puase kat carpark. Em, traffic jam. Hmm..

baba arrived home at 7.40pm, waaa kesian die,its all because of me. Em a bit earlier. Mama asked him to perform solat terawikh in front of the house while she cooked some lauk for him. Me, hehe, supposed to help mama, but i went for solat terawikh. huhu.

Dearie went back around 10.30 pm after having a sweet talked with my great grandma, hehe. Nenek took out her books and asked Dearie to understand it. Banyak lesson die dapat and im sure nenek was happy that day.

Elok je Dearie balik, my cousin came with her family and its already 11pm. Waa i was damn sleepy after long tiring day plus the next day im working and has to wake up for sahur. But, as u know im a good host, so i wont mind. shared a lot of stories with Intan and of course some gosipping heheh. They went back around 1am, and of course after that.. terus.. REBAH..tak larat dah mase tu, baju pun tak tukar..

2nd Day - 5th day, to be continued...

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