Thursday, October 28, 2004

New environment

Have to do cross teaching today at another branch of my college somewhere in PuduRaya. Luckily i need to teach the subject which im more expert. Anyway, receiving the new working atmosphere here, back in Ampang, we are more kepochi but here they are more serious. No jokes around, no burst of laughter. But, the staffs are very cooperative and supportive. On and on, they will ask me whether im facing any difficulties.

Have been assigned to teach part time student and one of it is a foreigner. The first foreigner in my class ever. The class is more presentable and in a very conducive environment, i might say. But no Muslims around :(. For the first time ever, i broke the fast alone, bought a curly fries from A&W and ate in the surau, what a tragic story!. I dont mind to eat alone, but dont have the desire to eat. Mm.. this is what im going to face for another one month. Luckily, i have one student who accompany me to star, im not that brave to walk alone at night in PuduRaya area although there are many passerby.

Actually, im quite exhausted, but to think this is a halal rezeki, i am happy. Some more, the students tak putus-putus puji i. Sejuk hati :) and i am seriously enjoyed teaching there except for i dont like the idea that i have to go to Pudu area and comes late at night.

p/s glad that Dearie tak putus-putus hantar msg and called jsut to make sure im OK :)

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