Saturday, October 09, 2004

Malaysian Idol finale

Tonight we are going to know for our very first Malaysian Idol. Yesterday, i was in Chicken Hartz again in Time Square ( what are co-incident, read Hana's blog just know, she was there with someone, hehe kalau tak ade chance nak kantoi kan die) but this time, with my colleague. Since, i always mentioned about "my trip" to Chicken Hartz, so decided to try it. But unfortunately, not all had desired to eat the food. The food were not their taste, emm, yerp, different people has different choice. Even, i also dint really enjoy my food.

When back as early as we could, as i couldnt stop forcing them to go back before the Malaysian Idol started, and we arrived at Ampang at 8.30. Hantar kawan i, but her parents were not at home, so i offered myself to wait for her. When back home, and it noticed that i missed two songs. Nevermind..

At least, i could see Jac's energy and how disappointing Dina was. She controlled the stage but as the result, she could not control her breath. Plus, pilih lagu pun tak best. Apart from that, i think she looks more feminine with her skirt. Jac - im totally sure that she is the winner. No doubt about that. We can see, how she can project her voice (remember Fantasia Berrino style?) Lagipun, at least we can be proud if she represents our country at the world idol.

Ok, anyway, nak dinner ni. tu tak leh nak komen panjang2, nak korek rahsie ngan hana pun tak sempat.. bye..

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