Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Interesting article

My question.. How many children that he has? How long is the longest marriage? Does anyone ready to break his record? :D..

I'm no playboy, says man who's a groom 53 times over
by: Sulaiman Jaafar


"I am not a playboy. I just love seeing beautiful women," said 72-year-old Kamarudin Mohammed, who tied the knot a record-blasting 53 times.
He made headlines on Sunday when he remarried his first ex-wife, Khadijah Udin, 74. They were married in 1957 and divorced a year later.

In between, the friendly and easy-going charmer married 51 other women, including an Englishwoman and two Thais.

"If I like a girl, I'll ask for her hand in marriage. I don't like flings. I also don't believe in marrying more than one woman at a time," he said in an interview at Khadijah's house in Kampung Pias, here today.

Kamarudin said he had kept in touch with Khadijah, but lost contact with the other wives."My nephew Borhan Abdul Rahman managed to trace my seven children from the other marriages," he said. On reports that one of his marriages lasted only two days, Kamarudin said he was young then and did not know what he was doing. Born in Kelantan, Kamarudin grew up in Johor Baru and Muar as his father was then the Johor Religious Schools inspector.

He completed his Junior Cambridge in 1951 at the Muar High School, and among his schoolmates were former Johor State Assembly speaker Datuk Yunus Sulaiman and former Muar MP Aziz Yassin.

His schoolmates in English College, Johor Baru, included Health Minister Datuk Chua Soi Lek.

Kamarudin joined the Police Field Force after school and left four years later. He then worked in various jobs.

"I just moved from one job to another if there were better offers. There have been so many jobs, maybe as many as my marriages," he joked.

Kamarudin has also worked as employee relations manager with Goodyear and Hume Industries, while his last post before retiring in 1992 was as employee liaison manager at Technic Far East.

Kamarudin said he was glad his latest marriage had made his eldest daughter, Rohana, 47, happy.

"She was right when she said I had never forgotten my first wife all these years. I am pleased to be united with Khadijah again," he said.

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