Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A day with Shameen and Hana

Yesterday, I wanted to update my blog, but as I about to start, my mum told me that she needed to use this laptop to type the MOM. Actually, I wonder why she supposed to type the MOM, but I was too tired to talk.

4th October 2004

Nothing much happened to me in the morning, just realized that I had no more evening class and it means that I have to go to the office at 9am. Actually, it is better to finish work at 5pm but I hate to join the traffic jam especially because I am still diploma holder in driving a manual car. I am brave enough to do zig-zag :) but chicky when I have to play with clutch and first gear, kalau naik bukit dah start mengelabah, that’s why if the traffic is too heavy, I will use Jalan Jelatek to avoid the flight over.

Was about to go home already, promised with Nadia to punch out together but suddenly I received a call from Nurhana, asking me whether I was free or not. Of cosurse, I was glad to hear her voice, and really looking forward to hang out with her. She asked Shameen to join the date and Shameen agreed. Best - best. But the thing was, I had to wait for them. At 5.40 Shameen called me at informed Hana had just taken the shower. Dalam hati, mak aiii, ni tak masuk lagi minah ni nak make up ke ape. But luckily, my colleagues were ready for the tea time and I joined them for a while.

But all of them were having the class at 6pm and I decided to draw some money (just to kill the time) and then walked alone to the meeting point -Secret Recipe- Still have to wait for them.. (just emphasize on the statement) :p but finally, the times had come, these two VIP came towards me with a big smile. Hana was holding a big plastic bag that I was sure it was dedicated for me. Hehe so happy to see a hair straightened for my birthday present, thanks Hana. I love it, Mimi lagi suke, she already plan to use it for her dinner this weekend. Not only that, Hana also gave me "two chain" books, the wedding book. These wedding books, according to Hana and Shameen wajib pass kan when the times has come. So, definitely I have to start the cycle. The most interesting part, when three of us, eat likes what!! After having a heavy meal, then Shameen (why Shameen hahaha) ordered two slices of cakes. But both of us unfortunately could not afford to force Hana to eat the Blueberry Cheese Cakes.

Best part, we were chatted and chatted, talking and talking, gossiping and gossiping until I did not realize the time makes no different. I mean I should went back early but I went back at the same time if I have the evening class. But as long as to see these two faces, it is worth!! To Shameen: hope the D'Kayangan plan JADI!! Hana, if you want to join, JOM

Went back home, but as I arrived, my mum asked me to accompany her for the kenduri, Since she just wanted to walk with Ika, therefore I did not mind to follow. Plus, the house actually is my relative house and it was kenduri tahlil. Quite exhausted when I got into bed but I could not sleep, so many things to prepare for the next day. Missed my Dearie.

5th October 2004

My student called me as early as 9.30 am to inform the tuition class. Oh, they asked me to do tuition for them, although I was difficult for me to say NO, but I was not really ready to say YES. But they are too good in persuading me, and finally I agreed. Plus, all of them having a close relationship with me, so why not I help them especially when final exam is just around the corner. Was about to leave the house, but suddenly I hit the wall and the car emm boleh tahan kemek especially from the drive's seat. The reason is I do not know to play with gear 1 and actually so many things bothering me and I lost the concentration. I asked the helped from Auntie in the surau to adjust the car and alhamdulillah not that seriously damaged. Until I write this blog, I have not tell my mum yet. Hmm, habis laa duit gaji I bulan ni, pi ketuk kete :(..

During the class, a student asked me to try her kuih raya and I straightly ordered kuih makmur from her. (Baba favorite kuih raya). Finished the class at 7.30 pm but had to wait for Ina, so I used the time to prepare the test questions for my students tomorrow. Arrived home safely, alhamdulillah. Having my dinner, while waiting for my mum to come back from surau, received a call from Baba. Told him half of the accident story. Dunno what to do, I spend my time blogging, and after this, Good Luck Mira.. it's show time.

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