Friday, October 01, 2004

Being a lecturer

Forgive me if I love to talk about my current job, job is my new world and every day it will give me a different perspective in interpreting my daily life. Again, being a lecturer at early age definitely is not easy especially when you have to hide your identity especially your AGE. FYI, I have full time and part time students and half of them are older than me. For the full time student, other colleagues have reminded me not to mention my age. By the way, I also not interested in sharing my personal life with my students unless if it will give them some motivation. But some of the students are curious about my age and they kept asking other staffs, and of course they got the answer.

I do not know how to react, actually I did not mind at all, but what makes me pissed off is because some of them are pathetic!! May be they could not accept the fact younger people as their lecturer. Hello!! Most of my part time students are older than me and they can easily accept and respect me, even some of them offered a position at their workplace. I wanted to say to this people, aku lagi pandai pade ko,nak buat macam mane.. but that is too rude right??

So, how do I overcome that matters? Honestly at first, my part time students also they did not show their confidence in me, but what I have done? I do more and more reading to master their subjects, and make sure my knowledge is beyond their knowledge. And alhamdulillah, it works.. but as I told my students in Public Relations class this morning, "No matter how good we are, they shall be one person who do not satisfy with you, because nobody perfect" and I do accept the fact. So mira, tak boleh laa nak marah-marah :)

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