Friday, September 17, 2004

What's up

Dah lame tak update blog ni.. Bukan tak nak update, dah banyak attempt dah nak update, but my mum's laptop right now facing the biggest problem.. VIRUS.. i dont know laa wat type of virus but according to Abang Nol (my cousin) may be its cause by the Trojan.. Everytime when i try to type, the frame will invisible.. So macammane nak type?? Komputer office yang gune Windows 98 ni laa jadik penyelamat.. but tulisan kecik laa sebab dekat sini takde javascript..

Where should i start? let me see. My last post was on 9th i guess.. Hmm actually the next day, i wanted to wish Nur Iryani Bt Mohd Noor 22nd Birthday but i cant.. Hehe wat a bestest fren, i nearly forgotten that special date.. Marah Trojan not me :).. i wanted to but i couldnt, thats why i asked Dearie to update something, just to observe that only my pc is affected.. ye laa im still phobia about hacking thing.. bile i tak boleh je, i always make sure someone checking my status at different pc.. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to Iryani

OB night

My college was organizing the OB Night on that date.. Macam prom night laaa.. But defintely it was quite boring.. Thats the truth, sorry aa students.. But the best part was when a few of my students surprised to see me - covered version (tutup aurat laa) - on that night. Their perception is different, derang ingat orang pakai tudung tak tau pasal music industry, cool places on earth, etc.. HELOO!! sometimes we are more advance than them but the thing is, it is not appropriate for us to join them. At least, im here to change their perception HAHAHA..

Budget 2005

Budget 2005.. Waa all government servants should be happy with the announcement. They are going to get one and the half months bonus.. and our prime minister suggest that private sector should follow the trend. Kalau laa i berani, nak je i potong that article and hantar kat management kat kolej ni.. Yerp, sometimes (actually almost everytime) i will ask the same question. Is it worth to give extra commitment for a living? Or in orther word, gaji sikit keje banyak.. If u want to know, my teaching workload is 23 hours per week and next week it will reach 27 hours per week.. and i have 8 subjects to teach...

Expressing your feeling

I admit, i dunno who am i suppose to tell, if im telling my parents or my Dearie, maybe they will blame me.. I am not regret.. thats the truth, but, how do u feel when a group of people talking and talking in front of u and they left u alone guessing and ignoring at them.. I always had that puzzled look, cos sometimes i dont even know single thing wat they were talking about.. sometimes when i ask, nobody answered, and when that happened, i rase macam busy body lak, so the best thing.. buat tak tau.. but.. u will feel that u are left behind.. Am i too young to give opinions? too young to share the story? but on the other hands, they are helpful.. very helpful.. and friendly, im sure u dun understand a single thing right??


The senior staff evaluated my lecturing yesterday.. Quite demotivated to see the marks.. But no comments... i ve done my best.. but for sure, i know my students better than them.. u know their level..

Meeting friends

Right now, i really missing my school friends, my uinversity friends... i madly miss gossiping, :) sharing some story with them.. ntah bile laa nak jumpe.. i nampak LINA and IRENE had visited this web page.. thanks.. hope to meet u one day.. just now, i was having my lunch with Dearie, terjumpe cikgu sekolah rendah, cikgu norlia, but she could nt recognize me, heheh tapi i dah jumpe surely i tegor, and then i terjumpe my old neighbour, chatted with Auntie Zainab for a while.. see, since i started working at my old hometown, i dah jumpe banyak kawan lame.. best best

Panjang erk.. see u next time .. bye

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