Monday, September 06, 2004


updating from my html class or in its scientific name... .. hehe..

just now i demonstrate them on using blog as a daily diaries ... :) all of them does not believe my age as it appear at my blog.. :)

hmm.. la nie dok ngaji AI ang IDS.. last weekend i went to utm a meet my supervisor to be.. initially i would like to do my PhD at CAIRO as my 1st degree is in robotic and to come back at the robotic centre at UTM would be an honor... but my initial attempt with dr rubiyah (prof marzuki tadek..) on the topic seems not successul as she is not interested for the research area..quite dissapointing... pelik gak.. centre of ai and robotic taknak wat research dlm AI? i believe it would be different if i'm able to meet prof marzuki..

tapi pucuk di cita ulam mendatang... she recommend dr norbik @ CASE.. at 1st i have no idea sape dr norbik nie.. then i check CASE website.. tup tup.. pengarah case rupenye... tapi b4 dpt jumpe die.. i was told.. he already has 4 phd student... and lecturer network security lain xde phd laih... sume dok buat viva.. except kalo nak wat kat johor tue banyak lecturer available..

tapi penantian dan usaha ada hasilnya... alhamdulillah.. when i met prof norbik.. he is interested in IDS using AI.. and he prepare to be my supervisor... alhamdulillah... cume die berharap kalo dpt buat full time lebih baik.. currently takleh nak decide lagik.. banyak faktor lain nak nengok dulu.. ye laa.. i'm in the turning point area for my career.. its very unpredictable... taper lah.. nengok lah... for now.. i would really like to thanks prof norbik for his kindness and interest..

another thing.. dpt lak jumpe koordinator msc information security.. pm zailani.. lec lec security kat utm nie.. diorang ade kompeni scandata.. a well known company in network security solutions.. i'm not sure which lec yg part of the company tapi as far as i know prof norbik is one of it..

so la nie.. tengah wat reading on IDS and AI... rasanya dah ade hala tuju dah.. tapi nanti lah.. takleh bebising.. nanti org tiru tajuk.. :P

ok.. till next time

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