Friday, September 03, 2004

Klinik Solat

Hey Dearie, Glad you are back after your longgg silent. Hope u will become an active blogger. Nothing much happened on 31st August this year compared to Hana. She had a new definition for 31st August, kan Hana? Jangan marah aa.. But I went to UTP on that day, collecting all my stuffs e.g. transcript, convo picture, mama's phone charger. Being a lecturer doesn't mean it will stop you from being lectured, hehe, I took my mama's phone charger without asking her permission. For that matter, I had to listen a first-class free "music".

At UTP, everyone was pretty busy with their assignments, tests and final year project, and watching Naja's face, I set my mind that I should not stay too long as it will interrupting their schedule. Tak sampai sejam dekat UTP, mira dah minta izin nak beransur. Perut lapar, tapi cafe tutup, nasib baik mak Abang suruh bawak bekal. Boleh laa lapik perut sikit.

Then, we went to collect my convo pictures at the shop near Yik Fong. (Forgot the name). Its not only, I end up for convo’s pictures, but also we had been influenced by the salesgirl to take another package. Its quite cheap compared to KL's prices and we can use the form until end of next year. Still can have some time to save some money-lah..

Actually, the main reason I update my post is to promote this activity.

Program : Klinik Solat bersama Ustaz Khazmi Elyas Al-Hafiz
Tempat : Surau/Masjid Kemensah Heights Ulu Kelang
Tarikh : 4 September 2004
Masa : 9 pagi - 1.00 petang
Bayaran : Percuma

Jomlaa kite pergi beramai-ramai supaya kite boleh dapat ilmu sama-sama. Walaupun kite dah 22 tahun or maybe more kite mendirikan solat tapi mungkin ada kekurangan dalam solat kita kan terutama sekali bab-bab nak kusyuk dalam solat. Boleh jugak ajak family datang sama-sama untuk meriahkan majlis. Siapa lagi yang akan memeriahkan majlis kalau bukan kita. Semoga dengan kedatangan anda akan memberkati majlis. InsyaAllah.

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