Monday, August 30, 2004

A promise

Having to update my blog from my collegue computer. Everyone is on leave in conjunction of Merdeka Day tomorrow. At least I would received the same questions "Where do you want to celebrate your Merdeka?" and the answer should be the same "At home, no more, last year was the last time i celebrated"..

Yerp, i could not stand the crowd stampede.. Its better for me to celebrate with the small circle of my friends or family at home. Furthermore, i can see the KLCC directly from my house.

Tomorrow im going to Perak again, mmm why aa UTP so far? Its difficult for me to talk and manage my things there? Luckily i have someone who i can hold on.. My ex-roomate for more than 4 years, Thanks
Ifa . So tomorrow, i just take my transcript and settle down everything.

This week is the college break and o-oh sad news i dunno what im going to do.. I did some filing from morning just to kill my time and i finished at 11 am, so what im going to do for the next few hours? few days? Luckily i need to set 3 exam questions, at least i have something to do..

Another thing, i break my promise. I felt so uncomfortbale and uneasy especially when he was getting so mad. Tried to make up some deals with him but it did not work. HE is not my
Dearie ok, HE was a good friend of mine back in SMK Taman Melawati. I confessed it was my fault not telling him the truth. Actually i really forgotten to tell him my plan until it was too late. I rarely break my promise, hmm and it was shocked when you received this kind of response. Hope Allah can forgive me, because he said "Aku maafkan ko separuh je Mira" and He hang up the call.

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